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Whilst we are all thinking of spring cleaning our homes at this time of the year, we should remember that it’s also a good time to pay our gas appliances some attention too.  Cookers, boilers, fires and our general heating systems can all benefit from an annual inspection.  Whilst currently there is no legal requirement for home owners to service their appliances, there are some very practical reasons to do so.  Firstly, maintaining these important pieces of equipment upon which we all rely so heavily, can reduce costs in the long run, prevention is always better than cure.  Secondly and most important is safety, any gas appliance that hasn’t had a service for over a year is more susceptible to leaks, we’ve all read the horror stories of gas explosions and Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning.  Afterall we wouldn’t drive a car that didn’t have an MOT certificate or a decent service history.  At the very least every household should install a CO detector along with the recommended fire alarms, to provide a basic level of protection.  So make hay whilst the sun shines and we’re not as reliant on our heating, spring is the best time to give your appliance a makeover before the cold sets back in.

Spring Clean Your Boiler